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Where Can I Buy Magic Blinds?

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Here at magic blinds, we get a number of queries asking ‘where can I buy magic blinds?’  The latest query we received yesterday asks  ”where can I get 72 inch magic blinds in a neutral color?” and is what prompted this article and the answer below.

If you wish to go into a retail store to buy them, you should be able to get magic blinds at a Tuesday morning or a Big Lots store if there is a one of those stores near you. Otherwise you can buy them online at various places, one of which I have indicated below

Where Can I Buy 72 inch Magic Blinds In a Neutral Color?

You’ll find two 40 inch wide by 72 inch long magic blinds pictured below that are available from the reliable online store, amazon. The first magic blind shown is in the color of cream which should blend in with a neutral color scheme. The second magic blind shown below is in a mushroom color. This should also go well with a neutral color scheme. These blinds are also available in a denim blue color and a loden green color. These are also available in 30 inch wide x 72 inch long sizes.

The beauty of these blinds is that they are made from 100% recycled fabric (95% cotton and 5% other fibres) so if you are environmentally conscious you will be improving your home decor while at the same time contributing in a positive way to the planet. The fibre used is shredded from clean fabric cuttings and then spun back into thread which is then used to weave a new recycled fabric.

As with all magic blinds, these easily hang from the curtain rod so there’s no messing abount with fixtures, or drills or screws. They simply slide onto the curtain rod and are held in place with the special self locking mechanism that is exclusive to magic blinds.