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Thai Magic Blinds

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For the look of Roman blinds but with the ease of hanging a curtain, Thai Magic Blinds are your answer. Thai Magic blinds are made from 100% textured cotton so they’re a natural fibre blind to have in your home, especially for those suffering with allergies. They are really easy to install. There’s no need to fuss with fittings or hardware, all you need to hang a magic blind is a curtain rod and you’re good to go.

Because of the built in locking system you won’t have a problem with these magic blinds slipping or sliding on your curtain rod – they stay fixed in place. An advantage of using Thai Magic blinds is that you don’t have to get the exact fit for the inside of your window frame, as these hang in front of the window frame.

I took full advantage of this as my bedroom has a very small window in it that starts about 2 foot from the ceiling. I wanted to have a window fitting starting about 8 inches from the ceiling, so I fitted a curtain rod to that level and then bought a Thai magic blind in the color denim and hung it from the rod. It was so easy, it was up in a few minutes. So much better than having to muck about with fittings as you do with normal blinds.

Voila! It looks like my windows starts a lot higher and I only draw the blinds up ¾ of the way so it looks like there is still window behind the blind when really it’s still the wall. The window is also very narrow, so having these blinds hanging outside the frame gave me the option to order them in a size that was wider than the actual window. I ordered the 40 inch wide magic blind which gives me a few more inches either side of the blind to make the window appear larger than it actually is when the magic blinds are completely lowered.

The built-in self locking hardware keeps the Thai magic blinds in place when they’re being raised or lowered, but you do want to make sure the screws holding in the curtain rod fittings are either screwed into studs behind the wall or you use molly screws if you’re screwing into dry wall.

The reason I mention this is because when you pull up the blinds, the curtain rod fittings will have extra weight put on them by your pulling them up so you want to know they are securely screwed into the wall.

Thai magic blinds are well made and heavy duty, so they should last a long time. They are great quality for such a reasonable cost. The clean lines of these blinds are sure to enhance any room of your home.

They are really easy to clean. Just put the soft brush attachment on the end of your vacuum and brush over them to get rid of any dust. You can spot clean them but test this out in a non conspicuous spot first just to be sure as some colors tend to leave a bit of a mark.

Thai magic blinds come in a couple of different sizes. You can get them 30in x 72 inch or 40in x 72 in. They come in colors of paprika, natural, cinnamon, linen, amethyst and denim.