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7 Good Reasons Why You Should Purchase Park B Smith Magic Blinds for Your Home

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Park b Smith is a well known company renowned for their quality home furnishings which include window coverings like the innovative Park B Smith magic blinds. Magic blinds are a design concept that makes it easy to have roman-look blinds hanging in your home in minutes as compared to the more traditional way of hanging this type of blind.

The reasons you should buy Park B Smith magic blinds are numerous and include.

1. Convenience – You Will Have These Blinds Up In Minutes

Park Smith magic blinds look and work just like Roman blinds, however they hang like a curtain against the window. Instead of having to spend time drilling holes and screwing in fittings, you can have magic blinds up in minutes as they simply glide onto the existing curtain rod and are held in place with a self locking mechanism.

2. Park B Smith Magic Blinds Are Available In A Variety of Colors

They come in a good array of colors including paprika, copper, redwood, gold, and oyster, dark sage, woodland, black, and sapphire. No matter what color the room in your home, Park Smith have got the color to co-ordinate with it, so you can brighten up the look of your room with a magic blind that looks stylish and blends well with your current decor.

3. You’re dealing with a Reputable Brand and a Company with Great Customer Service

Park B Smith is a family owned and run business that has been have been around for quite a few years. They are dedicated to provide the finest quality products along with the best value for their customers.

park b smith magic blinds

4. Park B Smith Magic Blinds Offer a Good Selection of Fabric Finishes

Park B Smith magic blinds come in a good selection of fabric textures. If you like the fresh look of cotton, you have a choice of duck cotton which is a canvas type finish. If you want something that lets in light yet still provides some privacy you might prefer the more open weave bamboo weave texture.

For something more stylish they have magic blinds available in a suede-like finish as well as a very elegant looking grand baroque magic blind which has a damask finish and looks very pleasing to the eye.

5. You Can Create the Look of Expensive Roman Blinds at a Reasonable Cost

While traditional Roman blinds can be on the expensive side, Park B Smith have managed to create a blind that looks like a Roman blind but at a more affordable cost. Cheap magic blinds are great news for those on a budget who would like to have the look of Roman blinds in their home decor but may not have been able to afford to do so previously.

6. Good for the Environment as Some Park B Smith Magic Blinds Are Made From Recyclable Material.

Some ParkBSmith magic blinds are now available in 100 % recycled cotton. Clean recycled fabric is shredded and then spun into thread that is woven into the fabric that their Eco Astor Recycled Cotton Magic Blinds are made from.

7. Park Smith Magic Blinds are available from Amazon.

You can buy Park Smith magic blinds through the well known and trusted online store Amazon offers free shipping when you spend over a certain amount of money at their online store on an eligible product, and usually have super fast delivery in the United States. They have a good selection of Park Smith magic blinds in the various colors mentioned above.

The above reasons should make it clear why buying Park B Smith magic blinds for your home is a worthwhile and affordable investment.