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If you want the look of a Roman blind but have put off buying them because of the expense, and not wanting to fiddle with putting up all the fittings and hardware, then consider getting Park B Smith Magic Blinds.

These magic blinds look and perform like Roman blinds but all that is needed to install them is a curtain rod. No fussing or drilling in bits of hardware, they are just quickly put up in a jiffy by sliding them onto a curtain rod.

Because Park Smith Magic Blinds are so easy to put up, you can create a classy, new look in your room in minutes. And they’re so much more affordable than your standard Roman blinds. Cheap and easy to install; two words DIY home decorators love.

When choosing the size of the magic blind for your window, choose a size slightly larger than your window as they are not designed to fit within the window frame but to sit just to the edge or outside of the frame.

Each Park B Smith Magic Blind has self locking hardware built into the top of the blind, so they stay in place when they’re raised and lowered.

The clean lines of these Park B Smith Magic Blinds compliment the sleek look of modern rooms and they’re attractive in addition to being functional. When they are drawn you get smart looking pleats rather than a soft scalloped look.

You can create a formal or casual “look” in your room depending on whether you use plain colors to compliment the colors already in the room; or get some of the beautifully patterned Park Smith Magic Blinds to make a bold statement in the room.

The types of fabric you can choose from the selection of Park Smith Magic Blinds are velvet, chenille, damask, recycled cotton, cotton/polyester suede like fabric and twill. They have a variety of colors to choose from including denim, copper, cocoa, blue, fuchsia, paprika, oyster, dark sage and woodland.

Park B. Smith Like Suede Magic Blind
This magic blind is 72 inches in length and comes in two widths; 30 inches or 40 inches. It is made from 100% polyester and is manufactured to give a suede like finish to the material. It comes in colors of paprika, oyster, dark sage and woodland.

It does have a back lining which is made up of a polyester/cotton material and is very reasonably priced in the seventy – eighty dollar range depending on the width you choose. You can conveniently go online to order it and see what the various colors look like.

Park B. Smith Eco Astor Recycled Cotton Magic Blind

As the name suggests, this magic blind is made from recycled cotton, so it is eco-friendly and not using up any extra of the earth’s resources. It is available in the same dimensions as the like suede magic blind ie 30 x 72 or 40 x 72 inches and is available in colors denim, cream, loden, which is a green color and mushroom.