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Magic Roman Shades

Magic roman shades have clean lines and will complement just about every room of the house. There are different brands available and if you want to search online for these blinds they go by the name magic Roman shades or magic Roman blinds. Most sites have good pictures of how the magic blinds look displayed on a window, and give you thumb nail size pictures of the different colors available for each particular brand.

Magic Roman shades come in various sizes and colors although as far as sizing goes, because they sit on the outside of the frame, you want to get a size slightly larger than your window measurement. Below I go through the different brands and give a brief synopsis of each one.

Graham Magic Blinds

Graham magic blinds come available in only one color which is woodland brown. Like other magic blinds, they hang just like a curtain, but perform like a roman blind. They are very economical to buy as Graham Magic Blinds cost less, yet look just as good as your typical Roman blind.

The blinds come in the one size of 30in across with a drop of 64 inches. They are made out of 100 per cent polyester and manufactured to have a suede-like look and feel. You can easily find these Graham magic blinds online for around the thirty dollar mark.

Andover Magic Blinds

Andover Magic Blinds are available in five colors – gold, oyster, woodland brown, dark sage and paprika. They are made from 100 percent polyester and are finished with a suede look. Built-in self locking hardware keeps the Andover magic blinds in place when you’re raising or lowering them.

The pleats on these particular blinds fold up at the bottom of the blind rather than the usual way of pleats folding on top of each other at the front. Some people may not like this so it’s worth having a good look at the photos that are posted next to the product details when you’re searching online to see if you like this particular look.

Andover Magic Blinds are available in sizes of 55in x 64in and 30in x 64 in. You can spot clean this magic blind but it is preferable to get it dry cleaned at a store specialising in fabric blinds.

Oxford Magic Blinds

Oxford magic blinds are available in 4 colors of paprika, linen, white and ecru (which is like a bone color). They measure 40in x 64 in and are also manufactured to have a faux suede look and feel.

Unlike the blinds listed above, Oxford magic blinds don’t have any polyester in them. They are made from 100% cotton which is ideal if you prefer to have natural fibres in your home. The lighter colors will let more light enter the room, so if you’re after a blackout blind, these won’t be suitable. The advantages of these blinds is that you can have them up in minutes and they are great value for the price.