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Magic Blinds

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Magic blinds are magic because you get the look of Roman blinds without having to install them the same way you normally would. Magic blinds are hung on a curtain rod just like you hang curtains. They are so easy to put up. No screwing of hardware into your window frames; magic blinds can be put up in moments to create that special look you’re after.

You may have always wanted to have Roman blinds in your decor but didn’t want to be bothered putting up the fittings. Magic blinds solve this dilemma perfectly. You simply slide them over a curtain rod and they’re hung.

Magic blinds have built-in self locking hardware that keeps them in place and this replaces the need for the use of fittings and tools you’d usually use when installing standard Roman blinds.

These blinds can be used in a formal or casual decor. The selection of materials and colors they are finished in make having a magic blind an easy alternative to Roman blinds, and they are suitable to use in for every room of your home.

You can find these blinds in stores that sell curtains and blinds, or for convenience you can go online and order them. When measuring the dimension of the window you want to cover, always include the window frame in the measurements, as the blinds hang in front of the window frame, not within the window frame.

Open Weave Magic Blinds

Open Weave magic blinds that have the look of bamboo, but are woven from Jute and cotton giving them the open weave look of bamboo. These open weave blinds create a natural earthy look in your room. They allow light to filter in but don’t provide total privacy due to their open weave texture.

Open weave magic blinds are lightweight and can be easily drawn up and down without buckling. They come in colors of natural, black or paprika and are available in sizes 30 inches across with a 64 inch drop or 40 inches across with the same drop of 64 inches.

If you like the relaxed look of open weave materials in your decor, these will be just what you need to create that casual, carefree look for your home.

Canvas Magic Blinds

Made from canvas duck fabric, these canvas magic blinds are of medium weight and come in a color range of white and natural. The clean, classic lines complement most rooms of the home. They are easy to hang and are up in minutes, with all the fittings hidden behind the blinds.

Canvas Magic blinds are very affordable. Less expensive than some other roman blinds on the market, their quality is very good for the price. These canvas blinds don’t completely block out the light so if you want no light entering the room you may want to put blackouts behind them. They are available in one size only, measuring 40in x 72 inches.

They are easily cleaned with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum. You can spot clean them, but if you need to have them cleaned you’re best to get that done at the dry cleaners