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I have had a number of readers emailing me about buying magic blinds from this site. This site gives information about magic blinds but I don’t sell them directly from the site. Within the articles I have links to some of the suppliers of them, some of which have substantial discounts on them from time to time. I am also being asked about the various sizes that magic blinds are available in so I have done some investigating of the online stores and have listed those along with the various magic blind sizes on offer to help you with your magic blinds purchase.

The latest question I have been asked comes from Nikki in North Carolina and she says: “I am interested in purchasing the magic blinds but I don’t see a way to do that on this site. Do you sell to the public? I am looking for a blind that is only 20 in. wide. Do you have anything that would work?”

My answer to her is this: Unfortunately you can’t buy magic blinds directly from this site but I have links to some online stores that sell them within some of the articles here. There are online stores who do sell them and I have listed these below. In regards to being able to get a 20 inch wide magic blind, there appears to be none available in this size, however the great thing about magic blinds is that you could get one the next size up because they aren’t fitted into the window frame, but sit outside of it. From the information below it appears the next size up from that is the 30 inch wide blind which is available from either Amazon, Bizrate or Overstock.

Magic blinds slide over the curtain rod so if you bought the 30 inch wide one, you would have 5 inches extra either side of the window, which may or may not be to your liking. You would also have to adjust the curtain rod fittings wider in order to fix the magic blind to it with the self locking mechanism.

Amazon have three 30 inch width blinds on offer:

The first one is the Park B. Smith Nottingham Magic Blind which is available in a width of 30 or 40 inches with a drop of 72 inches. It is fully lined with the front of the blind being a faux suede polyester fabric while the lining is made of 80%polyester and 20% cotton.

The 2nd blind on offer at Amazon in the 30 inch wide group is the Park B. Smith Eco Astor Recycled Cotton Magic Blind. As the name suggests it is made from 100% recycled fabric so it is an eco friendly magic blind. It comes in various colors including denim (pictured), cream, mushroom and loden. These also have a 72 inch drop and are also available in a width of 40 inches.

The third 30 inch Magic Blind on offer at Amazon is the lovely Park B. Smith Auburn Magic Blind. It is made from 100% cotton and the lining is also made from 100% cotton. It comes in colors copper (pictured), gold or redwood. It has a textured finish produced by the muted textural stripe that runs vertically though the fabric and a drop of 72 inches. also offers magic blinds in the following sizes: 30 x 72, 72 x 84, 40 x 84, 40 x 72, 30 x 64, 40 x 64 inches have these sizes on offer: 40 x 72 or 72 x 64 inches, and offer these sizes: 40 x 84, 30 x 72, 72 x 84, 40 x 64, 30 x 64, 40 x 72 inches. I hope you find something to your liking from the online stores selling magic blinds listed above.