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Magic Blind

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A magic blind can really add some classic style to your home decor. Keep reading to find out 5 good reasons for putting a magic blind up in your home.

1. A Magic Blind can give a low hung window the appearance of a higher hung window that is closer to the ceiling

If your windows are placed like mine, further down the wall than normal, you can achieve a look of a normally placed window by putting a curtain rod about a foot higher than the top of the window and then hanging one of the park smith magic blinds from it.

You wouldn’t be able to do this with a typical Roman Blind because they are fitted within the window frame, and this would only accentuate the unbalanced look of the window in the wall. A magic blind can give the illusion that your window is higher because it sits outside the inner window frame so can be fitted higher up the wall.

2. A Magic Blind can make a small, narrow window appear wider

Because it sits outside the window frame, a magic blind can make a small, narrow window look wider. If you have a small, narrow window, you can order a magic blind that’s longer and wider than the window.

Then once it’s in place on the curtain rod with the self-locking mechanism, you can place some end curtains either side of it in exactly the same color or in a color that compliments or contrasts with the color of the magic blind. You can get a small window to look double its width and length with this idea.

3. A Magic Blind is convenient and easy to put up

A magic blind is so much easier to put up than a standard Roman blind. There’s no need for drilling in bits of hardware to the inside of the window frame. Hardware, fittings and drills are done away with. All you need is the existing curtain rod. The magic blind just slips onto the rod and that’s it. You’ve got the magic blind, which gives you the look of a Roman blind, up in minutes.

They are also conveniently available to buy online. Just measure up your window to the outside of the frame and do a search online for magic blinds. You’ll be surprised how many sites appear in the search results selling all types of magic blinds with all the information you need regarding measurements, colors, availability etc. Then it’s just a simple process of ordering online and waiting for the delivery. You don’t even have to leave your door step.

4. A Magic Blind is economical to buy – usually much less expensive than a standard Roman blind

If you do some price comparisons, you’ll find that the price of a typical Roman blind is more expensive than a magic blind. You get the same kind of magic blinds roman shades
window treatments on your windows for a fraction of the price.
5. A Magic Blind is available in all your basic colors and some patterns

When you start searching online for a magic blind for your home, you’ll be pleased by the color range that’s available. All your basic colors are catered for plus there are some really lovely patterns available that can enhance your decor.