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Duck Magic Blinds

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Have you ever wondered how duck magic blinds got their name? The magic comes from the blinds ability to hang like a curtain; however, it still works like a blind. Most people don’t want to fuss with the hassle of blinds, so they choose to throw up curtains because of the easy handling. This is the main reason why magic blinds were created. They were created for the simple installation without having to sacrifice the look.

What type of magic blind would you prefer? There are several different varieties available – canvas magic blinds, bamboo magic blinds, baroque swirls magic blinds, as well as the cotton duck magic blinds. If you want to go for a more traditional look, yet with flare, the duck magic blind may suit you.

Before you purchase your duck magic blinds, consider the window size and make your measurements a bit larger. If you buy your blinds about a fraction wider than your frame, you won’t ever go wrong with the sizing. This will not only cover up mishaps with measurements, but it will also look attractive and is still functional.

Make sure to lock the self-locking mechanism that comes as part of your magic blinds. After removing your old curtains, the locking mechanism will enable you to keep the blinds from moving around on the curtain rod when you open and close them. Practically anyone can install duck magic blinds. You don’t have to fuss with screwdrivers or drills to put them up. The only thing you will need to have installed if you don’t already have one is a curtain rod. However, if you already have a curtain in place, this step will be quite simple as there will be no tools required.

Adjusting your duck magic blinds is really easy. You can make adjustments just like your traditional roman blinds. There is definitely no mess or fuss when having to make adjustments. If you want full visual access of the outdoors, you can raise your blind level as far as you need it and then have it locked into place. Make adjustments as necessary to fit your household needs.

Duck magic blinds are made out of 100% pure cotton and are only available in the one size of 30 inches across with a drop of 64 inches. They are available in 4 shades: white, paprika (red), linen and ecru (a creamy color). If they need to be cleaned it is recommended that they be drycleaned, though going over them with a feather duster or the soft brush vaccuum attachment should keep them generally clean and dust free. With their ease of installation, cotton duck magic blinds are sure to add a touch of style to your home decor.